Bookable Calendar is the new Meetme

Your personal profile for easy appointment scheduling

No-fuss appointment scheduling. 

Stay in control with time rules. 

Create multiple calendars. 

Save time and hit your goals. 

Compatible with your calendar

Fast appointment scheduling

Connect your calendar (Google, Office 365, etc) and your Bookable calendar will show appointment options based on your current availability, within your time preferences, and time slots in the duration you choose. 

Share the link in your email footer, or embed it on your website. Your guests simply open the link and choose a time option. Once the meeting is booked it’s added to your calendars automatically! 

Hear from our users

It’s deceivingly simple in some ways but it’s actually a tool that makes a big difference. It saves time and effort.

It is just very intuitive. You do a good job of making it simple!

Doodle saves a lot of headaches.

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